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Sellos Colorantes Naturales-01.png


Color is one of the main attractions and hallmarks of a product. A color can mean memorability, a crave, it can make something more attractive and it can make us change our minds. At Altecsa, we develop natural colors for the food and beverage industry. We help each product stand out for its distinctive tone and characteristics. We consent to the senses of the consumer, using natural ingredients, innovation and cutting-edge technology. The role of color goes beyond a value indicative of freshness, creating a craving, indicating flavor or denoting naturalness.

It can attribute to the product personality, emotionality and activate the impulse to buy. Altecsa's natural colorants are born in the field, from where the pigments are extracted directly from fruits, flowers, roots, seeds, leaves, invertebrates or minerals, using highly specialized techniques and processes, high quality submissions and resulting in all the color spectrum to be implemented.


Naturally sourced, tonal results are as broad as nature's palette and can benefit the product with other properties, in addition to maintaining a clean and healthy label for the consumer.

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